We’re more than just a commercial kitchen for rent. At the Ottawa Incubator Kitchen, we’re here to create a community to help grow your business. We offer a full range of revenue-generating services to make your product ready for distribution, retailers, and/or food-service. Included in your membership is consulting sessions where we will help bring your product and business to the next level. In addition, you will have access to the kitchen space for rent, ingredient suppliers, cross-promotion marketing, a distribution rebate should you choose to distribute with us, reduced cost for events and free in-house demos, list of resources, and many more benefits.

See below for a brief description of what we offer.


The Kitchen
Get 24/7 access to our commercially equipped kitchen (key card access after hours). Our kitchen includes:

· 2 x Rational-combi ovens
· Rational “Smoker”
· Range stove top
· Piston filler
· 400Lt steam jacket kettle
· Mixers
· Food Processors/choppers
· 21″ immersion Blender
· Portioning scales – various sizes
· S/S preparation table tops
· Dry storage
· Fridge & freezer storage
· Dish & ware washing equipment
· Wash/Sanitizing/Rinse station(s)
· Janitorial services

Technical Electronics:

· PH Meter

Equipment available with Ottawa Incubator Kitchen operator:

· Urschel Dicer – Food Cutting/Processing equipment – 2500kg per hour capacity
· Ross Vacuum/Gas Sealer – packaging containers with gas flush capabilities
· Dough mixer(s) – 250kg capacity
· Walk in Proofer
· VMAG extruder – Dough extruder for portioning products
· Stephan High Speed micro cutter/emulsifier – for preparing sauces & dips
· High speed labeling system – up to 100 units per minute
· Pallet wrapper

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Scaling Up
Scale your production and grow your business. We can help scale up your recipe, streamline production, figure out ways to do thing more efficiently without compromising quality, and take advantage of economies of scale.
Ingredient Sourcing
Access supplier partners through Mountain Path Organics & Natural Foods, The Natural Gourmet and local farmers for your produce and ingredient needs.
Distribution is one of the biggest challenges for small businesses. Get connected with our supporting local distributors Mountain Path Organics & Natural Foods and The Natural Gourmet, and reach markets in the GTA-Ottawa-Montreal corridor and beyond. With your membership, you will also be eligible for a distribution kickback based on annual sales. The rebate is: 2.0% on all distributed sales above $1,500 per month.
For additional consulting hours, the rate for all Ottawa Incubator Kitchen members is $35/hour. The regular rate is $50/hour.